MJH Live is a web based tool that streamlines communications between our law firm and our clients making your real estate transaction faster and more efficient.  Within this secure portal, you have the ability to access information regarding your closing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in real time.

Features Include:  

  • Detailed information regarding your real estate transaction such as closing date, time and contact information.
  • Secure email message exchange for sensitive data such as banking information, social security numbers and other Non-Public Private Information“NPPI.”
  • Closing task updates allow clients to stay informed of the file status from start to finish in real time.
  • Secure document storage giving you the ability to send and receive important documents for closing and have access to them 24/7.
  • For our clients that close multiple transactions with our firm, all of your closing information will be accessible through the portal making it truly a one stop shop.  A great tool for real estate agents and lenders.

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